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All Things Digital

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Computer Repairs

Hardware & Software Diagnostics

Virus Removal


Battery Replacement

Motherboard Replacement

General Repairs

Computer Upgrades

Operating System Upgrade

MS Windows 8 Downgrade to Windows 7 (Win 8 is NSA Backdoor?)

Memory Upgrade

CPU Upgrade

Plugable PCI Hardware Card Installs (Video cards, etc)

Optical Drives (CD and DVD)

Computer Software Installation

New Software Applications

Online Password Managers


Website Design and Hosting 


WNC Web Designs


WiFi & Networking

Wireless Routers

Wireless Access Points


Up to 600 Foot Range

Wireless Networks

Wired Networks


IPCams / WebCams

Surveillance Software



Our Techicians

Our lead technician has over 30 years of hands on computer experience.  He started designing and building PC motherboards for Cell Towers in 1980.

Recent Customer Reviews

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