Our Technicians

Find out about our technicians and their qualifications.

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Proprietor and Lead Technician


1986-1987    UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, San Jose, CA - Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA)

1972-1977    STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Stanford, CA - Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering / Product Design - a combination of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Artistic Rendering

Management Experience

Managed IT, IS, software development, engineering and manufacturing departments.

Technical Experience

Developed needs and ideas from inception through release to manufacturing in a variety of fields from medical electronics to industrial computers.  Have designed and coded software for industrial and business applications.

Software Experience

MS Windows based PCs - managed and programmed the complete start to finish writing of numerous custom network database and client/server software programs.  Proficient object oriented programmer.  OOP Class library developer. Languages: Pascal. SQL, C, C++, Basic, PowerBuilder, Assembly languages, MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, VBA.  Internet Web site design and development (see WNCWebDesigns.com) including HTML, XML, JScript, PHP.  Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL

Hardware Experience

Designing, prototyping and testing IBM AT compatible Intel single board computers and adapter cards for production - used in cellular towers. Z80 and 8051 processors.  Building and testing Intel and AMD based Microsoft Windows desktop computers.

Designing and building WiFi networks including multiple long range outdoor Access Points for sites such as farms, business campuses, camping and RV parks.

Designing and building wireless and wired IPCam (WebCam) security systems.

Special Interests