Minimum charge for WNCC to begin working on your computer.  This charge will be absorbed into any other charges that exceed $39 which may arise. 

 Virus Removal - Minor


 If it is a simple removal/fix it will be covered as part of the Diagnosis minimum charge. 

 Virus Removal - Major


 This is for computers with multiple infections or extremely difficult infections.  Removing viruses and adwares and malwares on a heavily infected computer is a major undertaking in terms of time.  We will call you to let you know that your computer is heavily infected so you can have the option of not proceeding with the cleaning. We will provide written evidence of the infection(s) as part of the Diagnosis minimum charge.  In a worst case situation a computer may need to have its operating system (OS) re-installed (see below)  

 Complete Tune-Up


 Adware/spyware clean up · updates · virus protection verification · temporary files cleanup · hard drive defragmentation · startup optimization · virus scan (assuming no major hardware of software issues, otherwise $35/hour)

 Memory Upgrade


 Plus memory at cost or customer provides upon approval

 Software Installation


 Plus software at cost or customer provides upon approval

 Data File Extraction


 For extracting data files to BlueRay DVDs.  $19/DVD  Depends on how much data you have on your computer.

 OS Install / Re-install


 Re-install operating system and drivers on computer.  Customer supplies original OS disk.  Additional charges include: (1) $19 per software package re-install assuming customer has original disks or a download license, (2) $19 per Blueray disk (25GB) of extractable customer data.

 Hardware Installation


 Plus hardware at cost or customer provides upon approval


 $35 / hour


 Website Design and Build

 $25 / hour

  Visit our WNC Web Designs website

 WiFi Wireless Setup

 $35 / hour


 NAS Multi-Media Setup

 $35 / hour

 Network Access Server (NAS)
 Desk Top and Laptop Repairs  $35 / hour   Plus cost of hardware and software as needed

 Field Work Trip Charge


 If we come to your business or home there will be a trip charge in addition to the Diagnosis minimum charge

Senior Citizen

20% Discount

on all services

if 60+

(must verify with valid NC Driver's License)